Different Types of Dentists That You Should Know About

/Different Types of Dentists That You Should Know About

Different Types of Dentists That You Should Know About

It’s been suggested by experts that you ought to see your dentist twice a year. Though we know that we must see a dental professional two times a year but nevertheless we aren’t conscious of the part of several of them. Do you know there are 6 kinds of dentists each playing a different role on your teeth? The best part is that all of them are equally important to keep dental health. So today we’ll explore the top five categories of dentists and functions they need to play.

1. General Dentists: This class focuses on a variety of dental services that are important for our general health. With the support of regular visits, teeth cleaning and examination any upcoming dental problem can be treated.

The dentist may also suggest you definite in-house procedure that will assist in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. • Restorative Services: You want to undergo this process only once you suffer from a dental issue. The most common sort of restorative service that the dentist gives is the elimination of tooth decay and placing a filling on the affected teeth.

Among other restorative services that your dentist can provide is that they can diagnose and treat Periodontitis. However, there are many others who perform specific tedious procedures like root canal therapy, dental implants, and orthodontics. • Cosmetic Services: the majority of the general dentists can improve your smile by giving you a bright smile. The procedure includes teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding or even porcelain veneers. • Overall health: Our dental health is directly linked to our general health.

Experts say that any problem occurring in the mouth is directly proportional to the rest of the body. If you don’t take care of the oral infections it may cause uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease and may even cause complications in pregnancy.

2. Endodontist: This category of a dentist is a specialist in root canal therapy. When we talk about healthy teeth we just see and understand the superficial look of it however there’s more to it. These canals include living cells and blood vessels together with nerves.

Treatment of these soft tissues is a significant concern for an Endodontist. Root Canal Treatment involves drilling a small hole in your teeth thereby removing the dead tissue. When the tissue has been removed the dentist will fit the tooth will be sealed so it doesn’t get infected again. Now because your tooth will be drilled hence this process is performed under the effect of local anesthesia.

3. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon: This class focuses on the treatment of soft and hard tissues of face, mouth, and jaws. In case you need to undergo a tooth extraction your general dentist will refer you to them. Moreover, if there’s some problem with your jaw alignment then your orthodontist will refer you to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. These dentists have been known to perform processes such as

4. Orthodontists: This category of dentist specializes in therapy or correcting teeth and jaws that are out of line, which don’t close properly or teeth that do not seem appealing. Orthodontists are experts who treat and cure poor bite or malocclusions. So as to deliver the best results to patients that they use appliances such as braces, clear aligners or even removable appliances. Patients that they get scared when they hear about braces but the simple fact is that these appliances are designed to match patient needs.

Additionally gone are the days when we used to wear metallic braces since now there are choices for clear braces that aren’t visible. So in case, you think your tooth is crooked, cracked or misaligned then do see an orthodontist.

5. Periodontist: Do you believe that having white shiny teeth is your indication of good dental health? Well if this is so then you will need to upgrade your knowledge. Having white shiny teeth together with pink teeth is an indication of good dental health. To make certain that you’ve got healthy gums you will need to seek support from a periodontal surgeon or a periodontist. These are professionals that have experience in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease. So now you know more about the different kinds of dentists be sure you opt for the right one to receive your teeth examined.

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