Canine Dental Concerns – Treats to Enhance Your Dog’s Smile

/Canine Dental Concerns – Treats to Enhance Your Dog’s Smile

Canine Dental Concerns – Treats to Enhance Your Dog’s Smile

One often overlooked the aspect of pet health care is dental care. Just like humans, dogs can develop painful cavities and suffer from tooth chipping and breaking. The sad part is your dog could have trouble telling you what’s wrong. Some veterinarians provide adult dog tooth cleaning, which each dog ought to be provided roughly once a year after age two. You could get away with a little longer if you’re prepared to brush their teeth at least once every month yourself.

Dog treats also can help to maintain your pet’s smile, with types made especially for dental hygiene. In case you’ve ever visited a pet shop, you’ve probably already seen the distinctively shaped and colored Greenies dog treats. They are green in color and shaped like a round toothbrush. Many dog owners turn to the brand as a simple solution to help encourage good dental health in their pets.

Most dogs enjoy the flavor of Greenies, and as they chew, they’re cleaning their teeth. The biscuit is easy to digest which makes it safe for virtually any dog. The only disadvantage is, if your dog does not properly chew his Greenies, he’ll lose out on the dental benefits, that’s the main reason for giving them to him Consider purchasing a slightly bigger size Greenie treat to make certain your pet is completely chewing before he swallows. Pedigree pet food brand also makes a line of dog treats called Dentabones.

These have a chalky white appearance and are shaped something like a real bone with a broader end. The form and texture are meant to promote deeper cleaning as your dog works the bone in his mouth. Dogs love the taste and several owners have reported that their pet’s breath smells fresh for a long time after. The only downside to the Dentabone is the price tag.

The packaging urges about one bone per dog each day for a successful dental cleaning. However, the bones are usually sold in three packs that mean owners need to purchase multiple packs merely to get through one week. There’s still another option to feeding your pet teeth-cleaning treats. Some feature bristles while some are constructed of rubber intended to work out old food and other items that may accumulate on your pet’s mouth.

There are even mix designs that are made entirely of rubber but feature cone-shaped”bristles” so you have the best of both worlds. Your pet’s dental hygiene should be just as significant as his health. In the long run, bad tooth care can start to influence your pet’s health condition. He may not be able to consume as he once did and may suffer from ailments and pain due to tooth decay. Owners who monitor and maintain their dog’s dental health can guarantee their pet has a long, pain-free life with the added bonus of fresher breath and a glistening doggy grin!

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